Sunday, September 16, 2007

Anything about The Shang Dynasty

Let us share your questions, thoughts, insights, or arguments.

You also can use this blog to discuss the questions I posted on the PPT for Chapter "The Shang Dyansty."


Yadira said...

Hello everybody!

While reading the assigned chapter: "Shang Dynasty," I came across a very interesting fact on how they used to deck the bodies in their best clothes and possessions.

What I'm wondering is if they took the same care with women as they did with men. Or was the man of the house the only one allowed such tribute?

I had another doubt as well. If the belief was that the spirit was to be provided with everything he (or she?) possessed during their lives, in the case of royalty, would their counselors, high status officials, etc., also have to die in order to protect or guide the emperor? Since the author only mentions animals and slaves, I was wondering if people of high status were included in the immolation.

Well, thank you all. Hope we can share and discuss more!


Michele said...

Hey, can anyone send me the file for the first power point? Thanks.